Apply The Strategy Into Execution

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Apply The Strategy Into Execution

Knowledge without practice such as books that were never read. – Christopher Crawford

In an organization such as a company, the leaders of the Executive to make decisions that determine the strategic options for the Betterment of the organization or company. And the progress of the strategy's execution has been set.
Unfortunately, many details of the strategy that deviates even lost at the time of the managers delegate the execution of the strategy of the company to its employees.
Then, how the management of the company to implement the strategy to the execution stage exactly?
Previously, I have written on the blog about the discipline of execution and its key to success implementation of this discipline into employees. Please read here and here. Next, I will expose how leaders implement his strategy into execution.
Three Factors Of Strategic Execution
First of all, the leaders should shape the commitment unanimously from all employees as the basis for the implementation of the strategy or execution on all lines of workers.
The trick is with the integration of various functions and divisions within the company to create a consensus, particularly among the leaders of the team work. Affiliate leadership between the team needs to be maintained as well as the cohesiveness within the team itself.
It does this by recruiting the right people and competent who is also willing to disciplined and willing to cooperate with anyone both within and outside the Department. Leaders must be unequivocal and hard with only select people who are competent and committed.
Communication Strategy
It is also vital for the next translation of the strategy into execution is how leaders communicate a management strategy to his employees.
Good communication must be free of limitations, the leaders must ensure the involvement of all employees and explores the implications of a strategy to individual contributions of each employee. The outline of the strategy must be open to be known by all employees even to workers whose role is non-strategic.
Employee participation should be encouraged and rewarded if any, and the managers must motivate the feedback so that communication goes both ways. Discussions and other communication media must be provided and enabled the translation for the sake of effective strategies.

Upholding the values of cultural organizations that clearly should be able to deploy the behavior of employees in order to be productive. Basic principles such as the emphasis on priority, be proactive, courageous initiative, enforce discipline and professionalism, as well as self-reliance are some examples of aspects of the organizational culture needs to be supported management.
Performance Assessment System
The third factor after setting the strategy and build a committed workforce with effective communication, the next a performance assessment system needs to be put in place are focused.
The granting of incentives and awards to employees should be aligned with the implementation strategy that has been established by the company. The individual role of each worker should have a red thread with an outline of the strategy of the organization.
Optimization of performance assessment of each Division is done in the context of the objectives of the company in General. Task goals of employees should focus on the contribution to the success of the implementation of the corporate strategy is not only to target the work per unit or Department.
Evaluation Of The Implementation Of The Strategy
Finally, the strategy that has been run in the form of execution must be supervised and monitored his progress. Any feedback or input from the employees and the environment need to be aware of. All changes on the market and competitors were also monitored.
With time, a thorough observation of any implementation strategy can be arranged in order to provide accurate data as the basis for the selection of a sustainable strategy. The leader can see from this data; which strategies work and which ones need to be improved.
The evaluation of this strategic information must be made regularly or periodically to ensure the progress of the company on an ongoing basis and sustainable !

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